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Articles & Blogs:

Home alone: mining, mental health and me


by: Carly Leonida

10th October 2021


Why women are leaving the mining industry and what mining companies can do about it


Top 10 Business risks and opportunities for mining and metals in 2022

by: Paul Mitchell

7 Oct 2021


5 critical requirements for success

How to keep your capital project on time and on budget

by: Ian Pearce

19 Oct 2021


Canadian Mine 2021


Building on today's successes to deliver a promising future

by: PwC


All the Metals We Mined


This descriptive chart will how metals are the building blocks of the global economy 




Vertical Development Example #1

Lioness vs Lion

by: Ryan Gottfredson





5 Turnkey Strategies

for Improving ESG Performance in Mining

9 Oct 2021 | Article





Digging Deeper:

Trends in underground hard-rock mining for gold and base metals

13  July 2021 | Commentary





The mine-to-market value chain:

A hidden gem

5 Oct 2020 | Article




Book Suggestions:



by Ray Dalio

Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behavior that gets you what you want out of life.

To be principled is to consistently operate with principles that can be clearly explained.

Adopting principles without giving them much thought can expose you to the risk of acting in ways inconsistent with your goals and your nature.

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