Mining is a Sophisticated Industry with Pierre Julien

mining misfits Nov 10, 2022

Mining is a sophisticated industry.

Say that to a group of High School students or your friends and let me know how that goes over! In the eyes of the general population mining is a dirty and dangerous industry that does nothing more than pollute the environment, displace communities, and create an unsafe work environment. But as my guest Pierre Julien highlights during our conversation, mining is an industry that has complex software, powerful equipment, an educated workforce, and intelligent processes that are used in metal production. Outside of that, our species relies on mining to maintain our way of being as humans!

“For some reason, there’s a cognitive dissonance between society and the need for metals.”

Pierre is 100% right! Why is there such a major disconnect and what can we do about it? That’s the $650 billion-dollar question that everyone in the industry wants to know!

We may not have all the answers but I do believe it is conversations like these, with the industry’s top minds such as Pierre, that will bring these challenges to the forefront. Conversation sparks ideas, ideas spark inspiration, inspiration spark action…. And actions lead to results!!

And the desired result is to #makeminingsexy.

In our conversation, Pierre and I talk about  societies perception of mining and how this perception is a symptom of another big challenge we are all facing = attracting new talent into the industry.

“The main challenge, society needs those metals, we need people to produce those metals, we need those metals to help save the planet. We won’t get there unless we have the people and we change the image of mining.”

Be sure to listen in as Pierre expands his beliefs that many of the basic fundamentals in mining have been forgotten (or at least neglected). In his eyes, in order to evolve as an industry, we’ve got to get back to the basics!  I agree, without a foundation, it’s nothing more than a house of cards!

The good news – we can do something about it!


About My Guest:  

Pierre Julien has over 30 years of industry experience with the credentials to back up every word in this interview! He is currently the President of DRA for the America Region and VP of DRA for the Global Region. Pierre also contributes his efforts as the President of the Canadian Institute of Mines, or the CIM. His contribution to the industry cannot be shed lightly and it is communities like the CIM that will pave the way for a better industry!


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We are passionate about doing things better – no more horrifying industry statistics – there is a better way! Grab a time to meet with me 1:1 to discuss the unique challenges of your project.

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