Project Location: Peru

TIC: US$2.5B

Contract Type: EPCM

A Client was about to embark on establishing a Prime Contract with a major international Contractor, but felt that the contract forms they were using were outdated and needed to be updated to reflect best practice in the industry. The Client also needed an experienced negotiator who could ensure a favorable and reasonable Prime Contract was put into place. The Client vetted their options internally, but was unable to find the necessary resources, so they reached out to Prime Contract Solutions.

As a result, “We’ve been able to put in place an industry best Prime Contract with our Contractor, who is currently accountable for a multi-billion dollar capital project. This Prime Contract also became the standard for what we expect when putting in place a Prime Contract.”

“PCS offers specialized capabilities and competencies in prime contracts required for capital projects. This includes an ability to develop and execute strategies outside of historic execution strategies which are typically the norm for our company (e.g. EPC Direct Hire, etc.) There are a lot of pretenders in the industry, but PCS actually delivers!”

Pyrite Leach Project

“I have found that PCS brings a logical and knowledge-based approach to commercial arrangements/contracts together with a forward-thinking strategic methodology on how they set up and execute negotiations with service providers. PCS seems to apply game theory and anticipate the next few moves that contractors may make.”

Coffee Project

“Jason quickly became my most trusted ally in the management of the contract on behalf of the owner. Acting as a problem solver, intermediary, and sounding board, Jason was able to take a unique view at the project and provide novel and workable solutions that significantly improved the implementation and execution of the contract.”

“I learned a lot from Jason by how he successfully delt with difficult personalities and egos in such a way that allowed the egos to maintain their self-status but which still produced positive outcomes for the broader organization.”

Project Location: Yukon Territory

TIC: US$35M Exploration Program

Contract: Drilling Services

“Jason and his team were able to provide timely and effective contract and RFP services which matched the needs of an organization of our size, while also helping the team navigate the process smoothly and efficiently.

“Jason can cross cultural and technical boundaries with ease, adopting the cultural habits of different organizations simultaneously to bring disparate and apparently culturally incompatible teams together and aligned to achieve positive outcomes which are not zero-sum, but beneficial to both parties.”

“Would I work with Jason again? Yes, if any opportunity arises, I know Jason will create positive value for any project in which he is involved. His approach to mutually-beneficial business cooperation and the rejection of zero-sum as a negotiation concept go a long way to creating positive collaborative environments for teams which ensure project success. 10 out of 10 would use them again.”

Our Unique Client Requirements Shape the Services We Offer

  • Commercial Readiness Assessments and Recommendations Reporting
  • Project Commercial Planning and Strategy Development
  • Request for Proposals and Contract Negotiations
  • Commercial and Contracting Templates
  • Personnel Training and Coaching

Whether you are a large multi-national organization, or a junior start-up – whether complex large-scale EPCM, or early-stage exploration, drilling and study services – we have tested methods and strategies that will ensure the greatest likelihood for commercial success.


  • 20+ years in the Mining Industry
  • Over US$50 Billion in TIC Awarded
  • Project Experience on 5 Continents