Beliefs and Values

jason's corner Sep 20, 2021
Beliefs and Values

I'm fascinated by human behavior.

Why people do what they do, and how people make decisions is incredibly interesting to me.

Personally, I believe we make decisions based on our personal beliefs and values.


And science will tell us most of our beliefs and values are learned between the ages of 8 and 13.


I find this mind blowing and completely crazy and the same time…

I don't know what you were like at 10 but I know what I was like.


My adoring mom would say:


Jason was such a good boy!


But I wasn’t. And I certainly wasn’t equipped to make adult decisions!

What is also fascinating is as humans we have the ability to change our beliefs.


We can literally rewire our brains through neuroplasticity…

As a coach, one of the things that I love doing is helping my clients identify their self-limiting beliefs.


You see, once you identify a self-limiting belief you have a choice.


You can continue to use that belief as your proverbial decision maker…




You can choose to change your belief because it's no longer serving you.

Let me share a personal story with you…


I used to get frustrated with my wife and kids.


During conversation they would look away at a phone or device…


I felt disrespected and it made me upset.


I even had thoughts about my wife like:


Jason, you are no longer interesting to her




She doesn’t love you the same anymore”.


The truth, those thoughts were my brain’s fabricated reality based on a childhood belief.


My father served in the military, and he taught me to stand at attention and maintain eye contact.


This was engrained in my head at a young age and if I didn’t do as I was told there were consequences.


While this kept me out of trouble as a kid; it was no longer serving me as an adult.

So, I changed my belief. I did the deep inner work required to rewire my brain and create a new belief.

I now understand everyone is constantly checking their phone or device…


It’s not personal... It’s become a part of society as we know it…


And this new belief now serves me much, much better.

As a coach I work with progressive and open-minded high achievers.


However, like all of us, they too can become conflicted with self-limiting beliefs…

And when that happens, I see the frustration in their eyes.


It keeps them from getting what they want, and it drives them crazy!

Take my client Chris…


When we met, Chris was timid and lacked confidence... but he really wanted the ability to carry the room during high-stake negotiations…


Fast forward to now, and Chris singlehandedly negotiated contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars (yes, you read that right). 😳


He now holds his space better than top negotiators…


And he also got promoted faster than anyone in the history of his multi-billion dollar company.

Or take my client Ryan…


Ryan was holding onto toxic relationships that were weighing him down like a boat anchor.


He was completely stuck and couldn’t move forward.


It was impacting his health as well as his career…


Now he’s cultivating relationships that serve his mission…


And he's in the best health of his life! 🎉


love seeing their accomplishments!

You see, I too understand the power of deep and intimate coaching.


At any given moment I have multiple coaches. Right now, I have four…

What I realized is anytime I’d undergone a transformation; I had a coach.

My advice. Find a coach.


I’m not saying that should be me, I’m not for everyone, and everyone is not for me.


But find one none the less.


Find one that will see the things in you that you cannot alone…


And one that will tell you what nobody else would dare tell you.

Unlock your power.


How do I know you're powerful?


Because beneath it all, like Chris and Ryan, YOU have your very own unique superpowers!

What’s holding you back?

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