If you want to go far...

Jun 01, 2023

I recently came across a Harvard Study on happiness that has gone on for more than 80 years…


Here is what the study's current leaders had to say about the study:


"For 84 years (and counting), the Harvard Study has tracked the same individuals, asking thousands of questions and taking hundreds of measurements to find out what really keeps people healthy and happy...


One crucial factor stands out... It's not career achievement, or exercise, or a healthy diet. Don't get us wrong; these things matter (a lot). But one thing continuously demonstrates its broad and enduring importance:


Good relationships.


[I]f we had to take all 84 years of the Harvard Study and boil it into a single principle for living, one life investment that is supported by similar findings across a wide variety of other studies, it would be this:


Good relationships keep us healthier and happier. Period."


Allow me to digress for a moment…


In the “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5” rapper Hopsin starts with this lyric:


“Man I hate rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it”


But what runs on repeat in my mind is a slightly modified version:


“Man I hate mining, but if the shoe fits, wear it”


You might be asking yourself, “why would a guy who has dedicated 20 years of his professional career to mining, hate mining?”


It’s a logical question.


And here is the short answer…


Mining is one of the oldest industries on the planet, and one that does not seem to want to embrace change.


But here is the kicker, and one that keeps me coming back to mining time and time again.


Within our industry there exists a subculture of individuals (and companies) that WANT to change.


And that’s the thing with change… fundamentally people (and industries) don’t change unless they want to, and even then, it can be difficult.


But this subculture in our industry


  • Wants to do things different
  • Wants to do things more sustainably, and
  • Wants to focus on relationships and doing things better


It’s this group of progressive, open-minded, forever learners that I refer to as the future generation of leaders in our industry.


And the good news?  This group keeps growing and growing.


The old-school mentality of production over everything, short-term profitability, and the heavy reliance on manual labor is waning.


Even more importantly, the acceptance of racism, sexism, and polluting the environment without consequences is dwindling.


Sure, we still have a long way to go, and there are still people that judge people “by their cover” but we are making serious strides in the right direction.


This gives me the impetus to keep pushing, to keep engaging, and to keep connecting with like-minded individuals.


By simply having the conversation that things can be done differently we are making a difference.


And when you see things differently, you can be the difference!


Do you want to part of the movement that changes the face of mining?


I do.


Will you join me?


As the proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”


It’s about connecting, building a community, and creating meaningful relationships.


Don’t believe me?


You don’t have to… the Harvard study already proved it!



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