Fulfilling the Generational Gap with Lindsey Schultz

mining misfits Nov 11, 2022

Sustainability relies on creativity.  

We know the generational gap within the mining industry is critical to sustainability, but what are we doing about it? Lindsey Schultz is a brilliant individual in the industry and knows firsthand the impact this gap has. As a recruiter who has been focused on building great mining teams for over fifteen years, Lindsey suggests the need to fill this gap revolves around creativity. As we see senior leaders exiting the market and future generation leaders stepping up; there are not enough people entering into the industry to fill those gaps. Outside of that, the big-name tech companies are absorbing the talent by offering the dynamic workplace the Gen Z population wants. 

“The ability to create a vision for them {Gen Z workforce} to contribute positively and make a difference is what they are all about, and figure out how to compensate them creatively.”

Easy right? Just offer a “flexible work environment and a great base salary!” 

Well, not so fast. What we may think of as a flexible work environment; “oh just work from home”, is not what research is indicating as a driving force for the next boom of individuals in the workplace. And with that, the base salary is not always what attracts people. Mining as an industry needs to start thinking about what more creative and dynamic environment looks like. More importantly, the idea of mentoring and creating a mentoring relationship is a value this new workforce is seeking. Lindsey brings up an excellent point! Many of the individuals in our industry are passionate about what they do, and they want to share their experiences. Why not leverage that by creating powerful mentoring and coaching opportunities and relationships.


If that doesn’t give you a tickle in your stomach, then stop listening now. As many of you know, I believe in the incredible power of coaching.  Personally, any time I’ve experienced a transformation either personally or professionally it was through the power of a coach. So, it gives me hope and optimism to hear that the future of the mining industry can evolve from something so powerful like, mentoring!


About My Guest:  

Lindsey Schultz has been exposed to the world of recruiting from a very young age when her father began his own recruiting business out of their home when she was just one years old. After attending college to pursue a degree in Human Resource Management, Lindsey soon realized that the traditional Human Resource roles were not for her. She found herself back in familiar territory when she began working with her father in the family business. Now as CEO of MRC, Lindsey is making waves in the mining industry as an influential voice. Be sure to catch her at the next mining conference, I promise it will be worth your time! #miningissexy

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We are passionate about doing things better – no more horrifying industry statistics – there is a better way! Grab a time to meet with me 1:1 to discuss the unique challenges of your project.

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